URA New Guidelines for Landed Housing - May 2015

In response to changing lifestyle needs, URA is introducing a new set of control guidelines for the redevelopment of landed houses.

URA had piloted the new guidelines on a landed housing area in Sembawang Greenvale completed last year with a mix of 55 terrace and 10 detached homes.

While existing URA guidelines imposes height control at each storey of a landed home, the new guidelines will provide developers and homeowners more flexibility in the design of landed housing while safeguarding the low-rise character of landed housing estates.

The new guidelines define only the outline of the building – specifically, a maximum height of 15.5 metres for three-storey homes and 12 metres for two-storey homes.

For example, homeowners can now creatively layer their homes, vary floor to ceiling height or design the attic without the sloping roof and the basement to have more protrusion above ground, which will let in more ventilation and light.

source: URA

image: URA

Criteria for the new lodgment effective May 2015:
Insertion of mezzanine or floors that do not exceed the allowable storey height control within the designated landed housing estates;
Introduction of raised basement of not more than 1m from the existing ground level on all sides;
The new URA Envelope Control Guidelines will take effect from 11 May 2015, island-wide.

Source: URA