The URA Draft Master Plan 2013

15,000 new homes in central Singapore

URA Draft Master Plan.jpg

This is what Urban Redevelopment of Singapore (URA) have laid out in its Draft Master Plan for the redevelopment of Singapore.

The URA also plans to set aside enough land for 500,000 housing units, with the lion share going into public housing.

In the Marina South region, development plans include 9,000 new homes and an 800m-long pedestrian street with an underground shopping mall connecting two MRT stations – the Marina South and Gardens by the bay, as well as a high rise walkway from Gardens by the Bay right to the sea front.

The creation of walkways and meeting spaces at Holland Village alongside some 1,500 residential units and a community park have also been proposed.

Kampong Bugis, the third residential development outlined in the Master Plan, will see an eco-friendly and car reduced precinct  with possibly  fewer car parks in the area, and water taxis providing an alternative mode of commuting to the city and some 4,000 housing units.

 Adopting a decentralisation strategy, the draft plan will allow people to work closer to where they are living. So apart from creating sustained growth of the city centre, the Jurong Lake District and Woodlands will see the development of more commercial hubs as well.

As for Pasir Panjang and Tanjong Pagar, 1,000 hectares of land will be freed up after 2027, following the relocation of the Keppel and Brani terminals.

Bold, fresh ideas for what is termed the Greater Southern Waterfront include the extension of the Central Business District and Marina Bay area, the creation of an eco-corridor by linking up green spaces in the area and the construction of a new reservoir.

Source: URA

by Zen Tan