The Average Renovation Budget Of Singaporeans

One of the most exciting activity and also the most demanding is home hunting. For some it is like one in a lifetime event, at least that's what they initially thought. But whatever it is, it represents the beginning of a new journey, an odyssey that takes you into a new world you are about to create for yourself.

So after you secure your dream home, what next? It is to do up the place, of course. Perhaps that's a big hustle but it should be a lot of fun as well. And that begs the question - how much.

photo credit: Qanvest

photo credit: Qanvest

Infographics by Qanvast on the average spending of Singaporeans on renovation:

$56k for HDB
$80K for Condo
$245K for a Landed

Preferred decor themes:

Modern decor top the list at 35.4% where the theme projects an atmosphere of warmth and simplicity.

Contemporary decor came in at 2nd place at 16%.
Transitional decor was placed 3rd at 13%.

Areas where there is a higher number of new flats have a higher proportion of Scandinavian and Eclectic decor themes.

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