Singapore Housing Strategies For Its People

Why Is A Home, A Home?

It is not enough to have a roof over our head and call it a home. Who doesn’t like to travel, see the world and live in and out of hotel rooms. Sight seeing from place to place, and eating out at restaurants and street corners is fun for a while but eventually we need to dig in. That’s when we long for home.

So a home has to be something special, giving out that homey, personal and intimate feeling to grow our families, launch our careers and sustain our daily activities in a community that helps ameliorate our needs and aspirations, allowing us to live and thrive.

The housing strategies of Singapore carefully balances necessities, expectations, lifestyle and heritage in a holistic approach that will continue to meet a host of needs and services including transport, amenities, ample green spaces and recreational choices. As city planning goes, below are five major housing schemes to make Singapore truly liveable, enjoyable and functional.

5 Grand Housing Sectors to meet our population diverse accomadation needs:

Singapore Skyline.jpg
  1. City Living
  2. Suburban Living
  3. Waterfront Living
  4. Living Close to Nature
  5. Heritage Living

Authorship: Zen Tan - 21 Dec 2013