The CBD of the East

Investment Opportunities to arise from the 'CBD of the East'

Nearby Properties Set To Reap Benefits

The opening of an office block in Changi Business Park on Monday has underlined the area's potential to become the east's key enterprise zone.

Joint media release 5 Aug 2013 by Ascendas and Frasers Centre Point:

“With the Singapore Government’s plan to decentralise economic activities outside the city area, the completion of ONE@Changi City is expected to draw renewed interest in Changi Business Park from companies seeking alternative spaces to the new central business district.”

In another Straits Times article: Ascendas Group president and chief executive said at the official opening of One@Changi City:

“Jobs for the business park's working population has grown from 6,000 to 24,000 people over five years.

With the completion of Changi City, Changi Business Park is well-poised to be the CBD of the east in Singapore,"

Don’t investors love news like this? All eyes and ears focuses on opportunities rippling from the new kid in the EAST – Changi Business Park.  

Investment Considerations:

One @ Changi.jpg

Issues like investment returns, rental yield, ready access to a pool of tenants, rentability and potential capital gains, all this and more will keep the investor’s mind preoccupied. But rest assured, investors are quick to pounce, if the right opportunities present itself.

With such glowing news and potential upside for investments, alongside with the investors, wouldn’t you want to explore how you can potentially reap the benefits that The Glades, Urban Vista and surrounding properties near the Changi Business Park has to offer.