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Singapore Non Landed Residential Price Index

updated to Apr 2016

All Non-Landed Residental Properties, All Districts

Metrics: Squarefoot Research

All Non Landed Residential Transactions for all districts

Average transaction prices per sq ft (psf) and transaction volume for New Sales, Sub Sale, Resale and Total Sales of non landed private residences in Singapore.

New Updated Timeline: Jan 2014 to Apr 2017

MonthAverage PriceNew SaleSub SaleResaleTotal Sale
Apr 2017$1,374 psf1,902 unit20 unit777 units2,699 units
Mar 2017$1,288 psf2,153 unit32 unit946 units3,131 units
Feb 2017$1,247 psf1,167 unit28 unit567 units1,762 units
Jan 2017$1,235 psf485 unit15 unit448 units948 units
Dec 2016$1,203 psf499 unit25 unit503 units1,027 units
Nov 2016$1,270 psf995 unit45 unit581 units1,621 units
Oct 2016$1,238 psf1,430 unit47 unit574 units2,051 units
Sep 2016$1,235 psf687 unit35 unit649 units1,371 units
Aug 2016$1,226 psf728 unit54 unit802 units1,584 units
Jul 2016$1,152 psf1,805 unit53 unit679 units2,537 units
Jun 2016$1,274 psf666 unit24 unit443 units1133 units
May 2016$1,323 psf1344 unit45 unit669 units2054 units
Apr 2016$1,203 psf1,025 unit10 unit289 units1,324 units
Mar 2016$1,247 psf1,215 unit16 unit311 units1,542 units
Feb 2016$1,248 psf141 unit5 unit138 units284 units
Jan 2016$1,214 psf150 unit1 unit57 units208 units
Dec 2015$1,198 psf508 unit24 unit349 units881 units
Nov 2015$1,218 psf166 unit1 unit52 units219 units
Oct 2015$1,016 psf256 unit1 unit41 units298 units
Sept 2015$1,153 psf250 unit9 unit97 units356 units
Aug 2015$1,112 psf780 unit13 unit246 units1039 units
July 2015$1,047 psf1565 unit12 unit205 units1782 units
June 2015$1,307 psf577 unit17 unit358 units952 units
May 2015$1,235 psf832 unit36 unit463 units1331 units
Apr 2015$1,243 psf38 unit3 unit115 units156 units
Mar 2015$1,204 psf390 unit18 unit327 units735 units
Feb 2015$1,181 psf468 unit29 unit324 units821 units
Jan 2015$1,137 psf124 unit9 unit129 units262 units
Dec 2014$1,211 psf466 unit42 unit298 units806 units
Nov 2014$1,494 psf466 unit27 unit306 units799 units
Oct 2014$1,377 psf609 unit49 unit401 units1059 units
Sept 2014$1,305 psf421 unit52 unit425 units898 units
Aug 2014$1,373 psf470 unit47 unit379 units896 units
July 2014$1,272 psf101 unit19 unit178 units298 units
June 2014$1,262 psf450 unit23 unit288 units761 units
May 2014$1,328 psf740 unit51 unit372 units1163 units
Apr 2014$1,240 psf181 unit24 unit266 units471 units
Mar 2014$1,219 psf461 unit41unit309 units811 units
Feb 2014$1,169 psf590 unit28 unit221 units839 units
Jan 2014$1,165 psf474 units42 units288 units 804 units

Singapore Landed Residential Price Index

Updated to Apr 2016

All Landed Residential Properties, All Districts

Metrics: Squarefoot Research

Singapore Commercial Price Index

Updated to Apr 2016

All Commercial, All Districts

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Singapore HDB Price Index

Updated to Apr 2016

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